How to apply

Enrollment is officially open from 15th July to 5th November. After this date enrollment is still possible until 15 January with the payment of a penalty of 25€.

EU CITIZENS can register directly with the European universities.

NON EU CITIZENS regularly resident in Italy at least from 1 year can register directly with the European universities.

NON-EU CITIZENS, who reside abroad and who want to study at UNICAM, must get in touch with the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate where they can consult the list of study courses offered by UNICAM and see the number of places reserved for non-EU citizens. The list is usually available in the period March-May.

Every year, between June-July, the pre-enrolment applications are forwarded by the Italian Embassy or Consulate to the University. The University, having examined the applications, sends back to the Italian Embassy or Consulate a list of eligible candidates.

For courses taught in English, international students are recommended to produce an International English Language Certification preferably at level b2 (independent User) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching. see Table of Equivalences

For courses taught in Italian, before matriculation, International Candidates must prove their mastery of Italian. They are normally asked to sit for an exam (usually held at the Italian University in September). However they may also need to provide the university a language certificate